- A -

adding folder items to
add keyboard menu layout
ASCII character
ASCII number

- B -


- C -

choose application
choose color(10.3)
choose file
choose file name(9.1)
choose folder
choose from list
choose URL
clipboard info
close access
closing folder window for
computer name
current date
current keyboard menu layout

- D -

dialog reply
display dialog
display notification(10.9)
do shell script(10.1.2)

- E -

- F -

file information
file sharing
font and keyboard script synchronization
FTP item

- G -

get default keyboard layout
get eof

- H -

handle CGI request

- I -

info for
Internet address
is in menu
is in system file

- J -

- K -

key repeat delay
key repeat rate
keyboard layouts
keyboard layout rotation
keyboard menu layouts

- L -

list current writing system
list default writing system
list disks
list folder
list international writing systems
load script

- M -

max monitor depth
min monitor depth
monitor depth
mount volume
moving folder window for

- N -

new file(9.04まで)