Class: UsableItem


new UsableItem()

The Superclass of RPG.Skill and RPG.Item
Name Type Description
scope Number The scope of effects. 0: None 1: One Enemy 2: All Enemies 3: One Random Enemy 4: Two Random Enemies 5: Three Random Enemies 6: Four Random Enemies 7: One Ally 8: All Allies 9: One Ally (Dead) 10: All Allies (Dead) 11: The User
occasion Number When the item/skill may be used. 0: Always 1: Only in battle 2: Only from the menu 3: Never
speed Number The speed correction.
successRate Number The success rate.
repeats Number The number of repeats.
tpGain Number The number of TP gained.
hitType Number The type of hit. 0: Certain hit 1: Physical attack 2: Magical attack
animationId Number The animation ID.
damage RPG.Damage Damage.
effects Array.<RPG.Effect> A list of use effects. An RPG.Effect array.