Class: Tileset


new Tileset()

The JSON data structure of a tileset. Define to $dataTilesets as Array.
Name Type Description
id Number The ID of the tile set.
name String The name of the tile set.
mode Number The mode of the tile set (0: Field type, 1: Area type, 2: VX compatible type).
tilesetNames Array.<String> The file name of the graphic used as the number index (0-8) tile set. The correspondence between numbers and sets is illustrated in the table below. 0 TileA1 1 TileA2 2 TileA3 3 TileA4 4 TileA5 5 TileB 6 TileC 7 TileD 8 TileE
flags Array.<Number> The flags table. A 1-dimensional array containing a variety of flags (Table). Uses tile IDs as subscripts. The correspondence of each bit is as shown below: 0x0001: Impassable downward 0x0002: Impassable leftward 0x0004: Impassable rightward 0x0008: Impassable upward 0x0010: Display on normal character 0x0020: Ladder 0x0040: Bush 0x0080: Counter 0x0100: Damage floor 0x0200: Impassable by boat 0x0400: Impassable by ship 0x0800: Airship cannot land 0xF000: Terrain tag This manual does not discuss bit operations, but they are similar to those in C. We recommend an Internet search using keywords such as "hexadecimal bit operations" when necessary.