Class: State


new State()

The JSON data structure of a state. Define to $dataStates as Array.
Name Type Description
id Number The ID.
name String The name.
restriction Number Action restrictions. 0: None 1: Attack enemy 2: Attack enemy or ally 3: Attack ally 4: Cannot act
priority Number The state priority (0..100).
removeAtBattleEnd Boolean Removes state at end of battle (true/false).
removeByRestriction Boolean Removes state by action restriction (true/false).
autoRemovalTiming Number The timing of automatic state removal. 0: None 1: At end of action 2: At end of turn
minTurns Number The minimum turns of the duration.
maxTurns Number The maximum turns of the duration.
removeByDamage Boolean Removes state by damage (true/false).
chanceByDamage Number Chance of state being removed by damage (%).
removeByWalking Boolean Removes state by walking (true/false).
stepToRemove Number Number of steps until state is removed.
iconIndex Number The icon number.
message1 String The message when an actor fell in the state.
message2 String The message when an enemy fell in the state.
message3 String The message when the state remains.
message4 String The message when the state is removed.
motion Number The side-view motion.
overlay Number The side-view overlay.
traits Array.<RPG.Trait> The array of Trait data.