Class: Enemy


new Enemy()

The data class for enemies. Define to $dataEnemys as Array.
Name Type Description
battlerName String The file name of the enemy's battler graphic.
battlerHue Number The adjustment value for the battler graphic's hue (0..360).
name String The name of the enemy in the database.
id Number The ID of the enemy in the database.
params Array.<Number> Parameters. An array of integers using the following IDs as subscripts: 0: Maximum hit points 1: Maximum magic points 2: Attack power 3: Defense power 4: Magic attack power 5: Magic defense power 6: Agility 7: Luck
exp Number The enemy's experience.
gold Number The enemy's gold.
dropItems Array.<RPG.Enemy.DropItem> The items the enemy drops. An RPG.Enemy.DropItem array.
actions Array.<RPG.Enemy.Action> The enemy's action pattern. An array of RPG.Enemy.Action.