Class: Class


new Class()

The data class for class. Define to $dataClasses as Array.
Name Type Description
id Number The ID.
name String The name.
expParams Array.<Number> An array of values that decides the experience curve. The subscripts are as follows: 0: Base value 1: Extra value 2: Acceleration A 3: Acceleration B
params Array.<Array.<Number>> The parameter development curve. A 2-dimensional array containing ordinary parameters according to level (Table). The format is params[param_id, level], and param_id is assigned as follows: 0: Maximum hit points 1: Maximum magic points 2: Attack power 3: Defense power 4: Magic attack power 5: Magic defense power 6: Agility 7: Luck
learnings Array.<RPG.Class.Learning> The skills to learn. An array of RPG.Class.Learning.
traits Array.<RPG.Trait> The array of Trait data.